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"If I had my life to do over again. I would have found you sooner so I could love you longer".

At Awedlar Wedding Officiant Service, we believe YOUR Wedding Day is one of the most important days of YOUR life. As such, we strive to offer a beautiful Wedding Ceremony that will bring Joy, Love and Happiness to all involved. We know and acknowledge that it is YOUR Wedding Day and strive to honor YOUR DESIRES.
We will work closely with you creating a Beautiful Ceremony. All of our Starting Ceremonies will give you an opportunity to choose from a large library of ceremonies that can be altered to fit YOU. We can also create a Ceremony from the ground up. At all times we will get YOUR input and YOUR ideas incorporated into it.

We also have a large selection of Ring Exchange and Vows for you to choose from or you may write your own.
Our prices will fit most budgets, go to our "Easy Pay" Page. Pay small Retainer, then pay balance later.

Our service is reliable, dependable and is hard to match. We believe in YOU, and  will do whatever it takes to try to make YOUR Wedding Ceremony one you can feel very comfortable with on YOUR big day.

It all begins by filling out the “Wedding Questionnaire”, all information is secure and NEVER sold or given away. The “Wedding Questionnaire” gives us information to help YOU create the Wedding YOU have dreamed of. There is NO OBLIGATION by filling this form out.These are MY promises to YOU!

Reverend Larry Edwards, Owner Awedlar Wedding Officiant Service.                                                                           

Let us bring the wedding of your dreams to life.

The "A" Team

Clayton Edwards - Videographer

Reverend Larry Edwards

Robby Edwards - Photographer and Sound Tech.

Reverend Larry Edwards

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